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BMW X5 E53 CD DVD Player with GPS Radio Bluetooth -1 Din 7 inch

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Model: 8739
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BMW X5 E53 (BMW X5 3.0,X5 3.0d,X5 4.4,X5 4.6is)
Please ensure your dashboard photo is the same as this list, if it's different from yours, please find the correct model for your car in "related products" or please contact our customer service clerk.
Select the Options:
Built-in DVB-T +$ 50.00
Built-in ISDB-T +$ 50.00
With Sygic Nav Map Card Australia Region +$ 50.00
With Sygic Nav Map Card North America Region +$ 40.00
With Sygic Nav Map Card Western Europe Region +$ 50.00

Android CD DVD Player  for BMW X5 E53 


BMW X5 E53 DVD GPS Navigation

BMW X5 E53 Fit In-dash Car DVD Player with GPS Navigation


Does this In-dash Car DVD Player Fit to My Car BMW X5 E53?
1. Check the photo on the right to make sure the Panel of the original CD player is the same as the in-dash DVD Player in your car, you will found the options before add the item to the shopping cart.
As our experience, this item Fit to these cars listed:
2000-2001 BMW X5 E53 (BMW Old 17-Pin connector)
2002-2007 BMW X5 E53 (BMW new 40-Pin connector)

2. If the original Steering Wheel Control work after replacement?
Yes, it Comes with Can bus,support original steering wheel control, hand free for safe driving and enjoy music!

3. Is it plug and play?
Our harness including power cable is specialized design for the car, no need to cut the original wires, just plug and play as normal.

If the car come with original LCD monitor, so we will send you a 5 meters long power cable to connect to the original amplifier direct, most of the car as more than 95% will be plug and play, and some of the car need to cut the plug to reconnected, there are so many different cars from so many different countries and different year, hope that you can understand.

Note :This item isn't compatible with the original DSP amplifier that will be abandoned after installing this item. You can purchase any non-DSP amplifer to replace the original one or use the built-in amplifier of this item.


Technical Specifications


GPS Navigation


System window CE6.0
GPS Card Slot Standard SD Card
GPS Map We ship a free SD card with demo map for USA, Canada, Brazil, Western Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Turkey...etc
If you need the legal map, please contact the map company yourself, Support igo/tomtom/router66/papago Map
GPS Dual Zone Yes, you can enjoy music and radio while navigation



Display Mode 16:9
Screen Size 7 inch
Touch Screen Yes, easy to operate the dvd receiver.
Screen Resolution 800*480
On Screen Display Languages Multi-language as options: English,German,French,Spanish,Dutch,Hungarian,Czech,Danish, Turkey,Norwegian,Swedish,Portuguese,Italian,Finland,Roumania,Greek,Russian,Poland.



Radio tuner AM, FM
Radio receiving 50 stations restorable
Support RDS for Europe Yes
Radio response bandwidth AM Frequency Range: 520 KHz-1700 KHz (Worldwide)
FM Tuning Range: 87 MHz-110 MHz (Worldwide)



Video Output System NTSC/PAL/SECAM
Multimedia Format AVI, WMA, MP3/4, XVID, DIVX, MPEG 1/2, JPEG
EQ control Bass, Treble, Balance, and Fade
Shock Proof Memory Two seconds ERP electronic aegis
Digital TV DVB-T and ISDB-T as options



Bluetooth Telephone Directory and Music Transmission
Connect with cell phone via bluetooth, Hand free for your safe driving
Play music in your phone via bluetooth, enjoy any music you like, entertainment on the road
Built-in microphone Yes



AV Input/Output Two ways of video output and video input (one way of video input for rear view system)
Audio Output You can connect to the amplifier
Video Output You can connect to the headrest lcd monitor or the roof mount lcd monitor
Card Port SD Port, USB Port, Support 8G SD Card or U-disk as Max.
Device Support ipod iphone and ipad Connection
Anti-Shock Yes



Type 2 Din
Dimensions 178 x 100mm
Operation temperature(℃) -10℃~65℃
Storage temperature(℃) -20℃~80℃
What's in the box 1 x All-in-One Car DVD Player for BMW X5 E53
1 x Power Cable
1 x Video &  Audio Cable
1 x 4G SD Card with demo map ( Free Gift )
1 x IPod Cable
1 x Touch Pen
1 x USB Cable
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual




Q1: Do I need to pay the custom tax?
A: Yes, you need to pay the custom tax if there exists tax. Different country has different policies, so there will be different custom taxes. Customers are responsible for tax, and we can not pay it for you from China, what we can do to reduce the custom tax by declare a lower value in the custom invoice as gift.

Q2: Can you supply GPS Map data update?
A: No,we supply the Free Demo Map only, if you need full legal map,you need to contact your local map supplier,thanks!

Q3: How can the backup camera auto review when backing the car?
A: All of the lcd monitor we supply has the auto rearview function, just need to connect the rear camera with correct diagram.

Q4: If we found defective or problem in the device, how can we do for warranty?
A: Please be patient if you found any problem of the device, we had tested 100% before shipment, but sometimes the transport will make some problem because of the long trip from China to oversea. So just contact us by email support@oemcardvdplayer.com and if you can take some photos and video to show us the problem will be very helpful,so we can check and solve it ASAP.

Q5: What kind of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Paypal, We can accept many kinds of the Currency, including US Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Japan Yen, Canadian Dollars and Swiss Frances online, you can choose which you like before payment.

Q6: What is your international shipment method?
A: We are committed to the delivery of all items in 1-3 days after clear payment is received. We always ship package by DHL, UPS, Fedex and EMS, or others which can provide online tracking number.
North America, Western Europe: 4 - 5 Working days to arrive
South America, Russia: 1 - 2 weeks to arrive
Other countries: it will be around 10 days on trip.
We bear the freight risk of loss and damage to the cargo if the customer need to provide official proof of the lose and damage, we will do the full refund or do a free re-shipment.


Some tips before installation:
1. Please install by Professional Technician, we don't recommend DIY, especially need to cut the wires for the car.
2. Please remove the protection screw on the top of the main body. Many customers feedback the DVD disk not read, this is the reason.
3. If you found the GPS signal is not so good, you can remove the Gasket to make the connection better.
4. Make clear about the AV cable and the power cable, connection mistake will make your fuse burn, that's why we ask you to install by the technician.

2005 x5 E53
What generation is this unit. Will I need to make modifications to my 2005 X5 dash to install? Thanks for your time.
By *****nger1@yaho***** on 2012-12-5

Hi,it's with window CE6.0 system.There is no need to do any modification to your dash,you can take out your original radio and install in our unit ,it can be plug and play,thnaks!

By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2012-12-5
FM frequencies
Hi, does the FM frequencies work in the middle east? because the American FM frequencies only covers odd numbers such as 100.1, 100.3, 100.5, etc., while the middle east versions covers 100.1, 100.2, 100.3, etc. kindly advice.
By *****al1@hotmai***** on 2012-12-31

hi,it is sure that the FM work in middle east,we had sent many units to middle east before,thanks!

By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2012-12-31
Re: order 10152
Howdy, please, I nned to se some movement in the shiping of my order. I see payment was received but no movement in the shiping. Please give me feedback. Thanks. Gerry.
By *****a101@hotmai***** on 2013-2-13
hi,sorry for the delay to reply you!we are on holiday now for Chinese spring festival holiday,and we will back to office next week to ship your order,don't worry,thanks and happy new year for you!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2013-2-15
it doesn't look like the connectors match the car's harness. how will it plug into car's factory connectors?
By ********** on 2013-3-30
Hi,what's your car harness looks like ? Does your car have LCD monitor or not ? Please send us your car dashboard photo to check for you ,and let us know the building year and model of your car ,thanks!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2013-3-30
Original LCD
Hi, I have X5 2004.My original LCD is broken, can i replace it with your product? If yes, is it plug&play or i will need to cut something? Does the product come with installation guide?
By *****kushnira***** on 2013-5-24
Hi,please send us your car dashboard photo ,then we can check whether it can fit your or not .It can be plug and play ,no need cut wires.It will come with use manual ,we don't have installation guide,please ask a technician to help you complete the installation to avoid damage to dashboard or car radio,thanks!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2013-5-25
BMW x5 2004 3.0 I
How can I be sure that this will fit my 2004 BMW x5 3.0i? Does it have a satellite radio option ?
By *****l121@ao***** on 2013-6-3
Hi,please send us your car dashboard photo,then we can check whether it can fit your car or not .It's built-in AM/FM radio,thanks!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2013-6-3
will this work with a non dsp? i have 2003 x5 4.4 I know that the wiring harness is different in dsp and non dsp.
By *****banging@liv***** on 2013-6-7
Hi,yes,this unit can be both compatible with the car has DSP and no DSP because the can bus box has been upgraded,thanks!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2013-6-7
2003 BMW X5
I am interested in this replacement radio with GPS and blue tooth. How long does shipping take? What country is this being shipped from? Will I have to do anything with customs or does it get shipped directly to my home? Do I have to replace the factory amplifier or anything else? Or does this radio connect to everything that is stock in my X5?
By *****lf@yaho***** on 2013-7-28
hi!thanks for your inquiry of our product the one model BMW X5 E53 8739!we will ship the package in 3 days after clear payment from Hongkong by DHL,and DHL will carry the package to your home direct,DHL will do everything with your custom including the custom cleaning and sometimes there will be a little custom tax as our experience.our unit can not work with the DSP amplifier,is it your car come with this?if yes,so you need to give up this amplifier,and work with your speakers direct,is it ok?for more question,please contact us,thanks!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2013-7-28
how much is cost to post in finland and how long time its will take 2 be heare? how long guarantee?
By *****u@net***** on 2014-1-28
hi,you can add the item into the shopping cart,so you can check the shipping by different method as DHL and EMS,they are a little different,thanks!if you place order now,we will send you a backup camera as free gift,but we need to wait after 10th,Feb,2014 to ship you the package,we are on long time holiday for China new year festival now,the guarantee is 1 year after order,thanks!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2014-1-28
Hi ,on your power cable I can see one big 40 pin connector on my dash I have one big 40 pin and one small 12pin connector plus antenna connector , how you connect this 12pin connector to the system ? I have 2002 x5 no DSP I can send you pictures Thanks MaRIO
By *****adamczyk@li***** on 2014-3-4
hi,our unit can connect to your car,no problem,we had sold many units before.if you can not confirm,you can send us your photo of the connector,thanks!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2014-3-5
Im replacing the radio in a 2004 X% (NON DSP) Does this unit have is own amp or do I still need the factory unit to use this radio?
By *****n.schaefers@gmai***** on 2014-5-23
hi,it has its own built-in amp,no need external amp to work,just connect to your speakers,thanks!
By OEMcarDVDplayer on 2014-5-24
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